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Where the FUN lives!

At FunDMental.com we have One mission.
To wipe out boredom across the internet!
We don't just have a bunch of links to other sites,
We have over 400 free online games on our own Dedicated server, including our exclusive FunDMental Originalz games and web-toys!
Freak out your friends with our award winning Online Pranks!
Or send one of our over 500 free greetings and FunPages!
Need a laugh? How about a few Thousand of 'em?
Check out our searchable database of jokes!
Or you can even play our Free Tournament Bingo, and win daily cash prizes!

If you don't have fun here, Check your pulse!

Every week we feature one of our original games or web toys!
Al Gore Snowball Fight! Al Gore Snowball Fight!

Tired of freezing while Al Gore says that we're gonna burn up any day? Time for some Payback!!


FunDMental is where the FUN lives!!  We've got over 500 Free Online Games for your time killing pleasure, Including our Exclusive FunDMental Origialz games and Web-Toys! Action Games, Arcade games, Card, and Board games, Puzzles, and More!  Want to freak out your friends? Try our Eye Popping online pranks! Plus we've got some of the web's best greetings and FunPages!!

Over 300 online games on our server, Not just a list of links to other sites! Action games, Adventure games, Arcade games, Card games, Board games, Puzzle games, Sports Games, Strange and Odd games! We've got Game!
From Heartfelt to Hilarious! We have the stuff they'll Remember! Send Some Fun today!!!
Our growing collection of Original Games and Web-toys!!
Blow their minds with our award winning Online Pranks!! Fake Viruses, and more!
Play for free while you chat with friends, or make new ones! Win up to $15 a day, and up to $250 every month!!
Need a laugh?  How about a few Thousand of them? You can spend ours in our searchable database of jokes!
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