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Looking for some Action?
Is Danger your middle name?
Have an adventure without all that "Getting yourself killed" nonsense
We've got some of the Greatest Action, and Adventure Games on the Net
including some that you won't find anywhere else
Best of all you can play them all in the comfort of your Browser, No downloads, no B.S.!

Lock, n Load!

Choose Your Favorite Platform

**Java Games**

Artillery Command
Canoe Clobber
Dead man
Amazing Java recreation of the classic Carmageddon! Maniac Racers
Shootout Corral
Smiley Roids
Space Masters
Street Combat
Tux on the Run

** Shockwave Games **

The adventures of Diego Smart
Crimson Viper
Penga Pop
Save the Sherriff
Snowball Fight!
Snow Traxx

**DHTML Games**

Cyclop Invasion!
The Dungeon!
Falcon Fighter!
Get Saddam!
Cool DHTML fighting game similar to Street Fighter! Lots of Fun!' King Fu  (DHTML)
Super Mario!

** Text Adventures! **

Foobar the Bazbarian!
Hunt the Wumpus!
Shadow Lurker  (JavaScript)

** Flash Games **

Acid Factory
Alien Clones
Bomber Bob
Bug on a Wire
Busy Burger
Cannon Blast
Cemetary Shootout
Cemetary Shootout 2!
Digby's Donuts
Hostile Skies  (Flash)
Ice Slide
Lucky the Leprechaun
Mad Bomber!
Mission Mars
Park a Lot
Paul the Penguin
Pearl Diver
Penguin Rescue
Political Punchout  Flash
Presidential Punchout '08  Flash

Radio Wars  Flash
Red Beard
Redneck Rampage
Rogue's Gallery  (Flash)
Saddam's Escaper Caper Rated PG-13
Stop Sanjaya  Flash
Space Dude
Space Escape
Star Corps
Stress Relief Paintball  (Flash)
Sub Commander
Suicide Heero
The Viking
War on Christmas
War on Terrorism  (Flash)
Whack a Terrorist  Flash

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