The most amazing software
you've ever seen!

This amazing new technology will blow you away!
Misrocoft Corporation has only let a few copies onto the market, and we Have one!

Using the latest digital pixel ehnancement tequniques, You can actually take your picture through your monitor!

I know it sounds crazy but it's true! Technicians at Misrocoft actually discovered that by using the latest in cutting edge software they could actually receive images from a monitor.
After years of trial and error, and endless testing, It's finally available to the Public!

And you get to try it Free!

No telling how long it will be before Misrocoft sends their goons to shut us down, So get your picture while you can!

Misrocoft Browser Camera

Just follow these simple instructions!

  • 1) place your mouse over the Take Picture link.
  • 2) Smile
  • 3) Click the link.

    The software will develop and present you with your picture!

    Click Here to take your Picture!