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Every year or so the government releases studies showing us all the things that are bad for us. The latest findings are pretty scary!

According to the Government:

  • Steel causes brain damage.
  • Chocolate causes antisocial behavior.
  • Coffee causes temporary blindness.
  • Computers may cause back strain.
  • Chickens cause sleeping sickness.
  • Birthdays cause Aging.

    Let's examine these findings.

    Steel causes brain damage.
      According to a recent study, 100% of individuals who were struck in the head repeatedly with a sledgehammer suffered blunt force trauma to the brain.

    Chocolate causes antisocial behavior.
      Recent studies indicate that when a chocolate candy bar is waved in front of people that haven't eaten for a week, they readily engage in antisocial behavior and even fighting to obtain the tasty treat.

    Coffee causes temporary blindness.
      In repeated testing, coffee, when thrown into the eyes of test subjects, caused a temporary loss of vision often requiring physical removal of the coffee grounds before comfortable vision is restored.

    Computers may cause back strain.
      In a survey of computer users, it was found that 63% of those sitting at their computer for 18 or more hours per day report back pain in varying degrees.

    Chickens cause sleeping sickness.
     Virtually 100% of individuals who lay their heads on feather pillows would sooner or later fall asleep.

    Birthdays cause aging.
     In this government study, every birthday experienced caused the person to age an average of one year.

    Sounds pretty ominous to me!
    As soon as I finish my Microvave popcorn, Hot Dog, and Beer, I'm gonna call all my friends on the Cell Phone, and warn 'em!!
    Where are my Cigarettes?

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