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1.  I admit I am powerless over the need to create graphics and that my life revolves around "making one more graphic before I _________________." (insert one: "go to bed, feed the cat, cook supper, go to work...") 

2. I believe that a power greater than myself exists, and its name is Paint Shop Pro.

3. I have made the decision to turn my life and what skill I have over to the care of graphics utilities, that they may help me create that which I cannot do on my own.

4. I have made, and continue to make, a searching and fearless inventory of the web to find copyright free graphics, and also of my computers, that I may delete old graphics to make room for new ones.

5. I admit that I cannot make good, modem friendly, graphics without the help of Paint Shop Pro and the Animation Shop.

6. I am entirely ready to let any graphics utilities I can find remove all defects from my graphics.   

7. I humbly ask that my computer not crash due to all the graphics stored therein.

8. I have made a list of all the persons who make better graphics than I do and am willing to try and outdo them.

9. I admit my jealousy of those that make better graphics than I do and appeal to them whenever possible to teach me how they did it.

10. I continue to take inventory of my hard drives and web sites and promptly remove any "amateur" ("how could I have thought that was good?") graphics that I find.

11. I seek, through "help files" and source code, to learn every nuance of other's secrets so that I will always be making better graphics.

12.  have had a spiritual awakening as a result of stealing other's ideas. I have tried to help all other novice graphic junkies to make better graphics by sharing my knowledge (but not enough that they make better graphics than me.)

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