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I was browsing around online

and thought I'd send you a greeting card,

but everything I saw was either

too cheesy,

or too corny...

or all Lovey-Dovey.

But I kept looking

and looking...

and looking...

and looking...

and I finally found this one,

which isn't so bad....

so I thought to myself,

"Hey, this one isn't so bad."

And then I told myself,

"You know what? You're Right!"

And then I agreed.

So I decided that I would send you this card...

because it is nice and sweet,

simple and to the point,

without all the Hoopla...

Just a simple little card

that you can receive at your computer

and know that I was thinking about you,

not something that would be all lengthy and time consuming,

yep, just a cute little card to say Hello.

So that's what I'm doing right now.

Just a quick little hello...

and then I'm out of here.

I'm not one to keep talking...

I don't like to outstay my welcome,

and I feel the same way about online greeting cards.

They shouldn't take forever to download;

they should be quick and painless.

I send it, you receive it, and it's done,

just like that...

a done deal.

But then of course you may consider

sending me a greeting card

to thank me for sending you this one,

in which case you would have to face

the same problems that I encountered.

If you do decide to send me a thank you card

for sending you this greeting card

I would hope that you would

extend to me the same courtesy that I have shown you.

I prefer short and sweet little cards.

Thanks in advance.

I appreciate it.

I really do.

You're a really swell person you know...

that's why I sent you this card.

Now that I'm anticipating

you sending me a thank you card

I guess I'll have to think ahead

and figure out which card to send you in return.

So I guess I should start thinking about that.

Well, I guess I'll see you later then.

Ok then.

Good talking to Ya,

alrighty then.

Cya later,

Cya later alligator,

After while Crocodile,

Bye Bye then.

Have a good day.

And a good night.

Don't let the bedbugs bite.


Oh, just one more thing...

well crap, now I forgot what I was gonna say.

Oh well, if I think of it I'll send you another card.

So goodbye for now.


Bye Bye!


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