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Did you hear about the South Carolina redneck who
passed away and left his entire estate in trust for
his beloved widow?
She can't touch it till she's fourteen.

What's the difference between a good ol' boy and a redneck?
The good ol' boy raises livestock.
The redneck gets emotionally involved.

How do you know when you're staying in a Kentucky hotel?
When you call the front desk and say,
"I've gotta leak in my sink"
and the person at the front desk says,
"go ahead."

How many rednecks does it take to eat a 'possum?
One to eat, and one to watch out for traffic.

A new law recently passed in North Carolina:
When a couple gets divorced, they're still brother and sister.

Redneck goes to a pharmacist and says:
"I've got a hot date for tonight,
an' I needs me some pertection.
How much is a pack a' them thar
prophylactics gonna cost me?"
To which the pharmacist responds:
"A three-pack of condoms is $4.99 with tax."
To which the redneck replies:
"TACKS! Gawd a'mighty, don't they stay on by themselves?!"

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