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Want to make 'em laugh? You've come to the right place!
We've got some of the funniest Greetings, and FunPages on the net!
Start a Fight!

Drive-By Mooning!!
Virtual Food Fight! 
Virtual Pillow Fight!
Virtual Snowball Fight! 

Battle of the Sexes!
Can't we all just Get Along?

The Ass Study! 
Blonde Puzzlers!  (Flash)
A Cyber Smooch! (For the Guys!)  (Flash)
Cyber Smooch! (For the Ladies!)  (Flash)
Date Rape Drug Warning
Female Translator 
Find the Car
How to read Personal ads
If Condoms had Sponsors  Flash
If Dad raised the Kids  Flash
If Men got pregnant 
If Men really did run the world 
If Women ruled the world 
Make it Grow 
Male Q & A! 
Marketing 101
Men & Dogs
Men & Tools
Midlife for Women
A Modern Fairy Tale
New Survivor 
PMS and Lightbulbs  Flash
The Rules!!! (For Men)
The Rules!!! (For Women)
Surviving PMS
What P.M.S. Really Stands For
What Women Want!
Why Men Can't Win!
Woman Bashing!
Your Wedding Night! 

They say and do the Darndest things!

All Grown Up!
First grade proverbs! 
Ready for Kids?!
Truths about Summer!
Wisdom from Kids!
Ya Gotta Love Kids!

Animal Funnies!!
A Hilarious look at our four legged friends!

Doggy Dictionary! 
Dogs & Lightbulbs!
Dogs and their Owners!
Dog Pet Peeves!
Dog Years!
Mad Cows!!   Flash!
My Dog Named Sex!
The Truth about Cats!
Why it's Great to be a Dog!

The Whole Truth!
The truth can be stranger than Fiction.
Funnier Too!

Accident Reports!
Amazingly Useless Facts!
Airport Security! 
Beer Quotes!
Brainless Headlines!
Cna You Raed Tihs??
Celebrity Mug Shots!
Church Bloopers! 
Class Project! 
Doctors are Dangerous!
Dumb 911 Calls!
Dumb Doctors!
Government in Action! 
History lesson!
Idiots in the News!
Kids In Church!
Legally Stupid!
Letter from the Electric company!
Monumentally Stupid! 
Restroom Walls! 
Ridiculous Resume's!
School Excuses!
Snakes are Dangerous!
Stranger than Fiction!
Student Bloopers!
What Were They Thinking? 
We're all Doomed!
Wisdom of George Carlin!

'Puter Funnies!

12 Step Program!
If AOL made Cars!
If AOL was a City!

The C-Nile Virus!! 
A Cheap Computer! 
Computer Errors!
Cyber Police!
Depressed Browser!
Dr. Seuss on Computers!
How the Internet Really Began! 
Important Health Warning!
Emails From Heaven!
End of the Internet!  (Flash)
Gullibility Virus!
Internet Exercise! 
Ode to a Dead Puter! 
Tales from tech Support! 
Thanks for the Info! 
Virus Alert!

They're just so much fun to pick on!!

A Redneck explains the Net!  (Flash)
A Redneck Howdy!
A Redneck Greeting Card!
Cowboy Wisdom!
Daytona 500!  (Java)
High Tech Redneck!
How to say I Love You! 
Driver\'s License Application!
Redneck Ice Fishing!
Redneck letter from home!
Redneck Medical Terms!
Redneck Quickies!
More Redneck Quickies!
You Might be a Redneck If...! 
Redneck Valentine!

FunPages Home!

Just to Say Hi!
Short 'n Sweet greets with a twist!

Around To It!
Bug Somebody!
Gimme a Hug!
Hi There!
Marvin's Magic 8-Ball!
Wild 'n Crazy Whatchamacallits!  (Java)
The Wishing Well!
You're a Sweety!

Fun With Mental Health!

All Stressed Out! 
Are You Crazy??  (Flash)
The Mental Health Helpline! 
Online Stress Relief Kit!  (Flash)
Online Stress Test! (Flash)
Relieving Stress!!  (Java)

How To's!!
Step by step Instructions for laughs!

Fun at Wal-Mart! 
Fun in the Elevator! 
Fun in the Elevator Part2
Fun with Tests!! 
Handy Household Hints! 
How to Change your Oil! 
How to Drive Your Roommate Nutz!
How to Impress! 
Maintain Your Sanity!
How to Take a Shower!
How to Wash the Cat! 
How to Win Arguments!
Used Sofas!

Fun Quizzes & Surveys!
How well will you do?!

Amazing Color Test!
Coolness Test!
The DENSA Test!!
The Geezer Test!!
The Gender Test!!  (Flash)
The Insanity Test!
The Gift Test!
The Loser Test!  (Flash)
The Friendship Survey!! 

On the Job!
Funny stuff about Work!

Corporate America!
De-Motivators!  (Flash)
Drawbacks of Cubicle Dwelling!
Funny Cops!
Monday Excuses!
What the Boss Really Means!
Prison VS. Work!
The Secretary's Prayer! 
Virtual Yes-Man! 
Why I need a Break!
You vs. The Boss!

Fake Websites!!
They make look like the real thing, but they're actually Pranks!

The Amazing Money Machine!
Baby Pictures!
Love Match!
School Pictures! 

Just Plain Funny!!
The stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else!

2050 Headlines!
30 Years!
A Card for You!
Adult Resignation!
Alien Sex!  Rated PG
All about Golf!
Bad Days! 
Burlap Billy!
Inner Strength!
Amazing Ghost Illusion!
Amish Terrorists! 

Beer Drinker's Troubleshooter!
Bushisms!  (Javascript)
Camping Tips! 
The Dirty Mind Test!
Fat Theology! 
Government Warnings!
Gas Prices!
Jack Schitt!  (Rated PG-13)
Jock VS. Nerd!
Let's Dance!
Life Explained!
The Lost Poem of Dr.Seuss!
Martha's New Mag!!
Momma Taught Me! 
Past Lives!  (Javascript)
Smile Starter!
Snow Diary!

Birthday Cards!!

Happy Birthday!
A Topless Babe!

Funny Picture
Click Play, and get Automatic laughs!!

Animal Funnies! 
Bin Laden Follies!
Bin Laden Follies 2!!
Kids do the Goofiest Things!!
Screwy Signs!

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