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Send a Smile!
  Want to tell someone you care? Want to Inspire a friend?
Want something to Impress 'em?
You've come to the right place!
We've got some of the best friendship, and Love greetings on the net,
and some just to say "Hi".

I'm sure you will find something on this page to make you say,
"I have to send this to ___"!

Fun Stuff!

3 Little Words!  (Flash)
ABC's of Friendship!!
All Shook Up!
Angel in Disguise!
Angel in my Computer!
Around To It!
Autumn Leaves!  (Javascript)
Bad News!  (flash)
Bestest Friends  (Flash)
Big Bear Hug!  (Java)
Bless My 'Puter!
Friend Store!  (Flash)
The Friendship Ball!  (Flash)
Friends for Life!!  (Java)
Friendship Quiz!
Friends till the End!  (Flash)
Happiness Fairy!  (Flash)
Have you Smiled today?! 
How to say I Love You! 
Hug Facts!!
Life Without Friendship!  (Java)
Looking for a Friend!
The Mesmerizer!  (Flash)
My Favorite Smiles!
My Guiding Light!  (Java)

No Reason!  (Java)
Online Friends!  (java)
Send a Hug!
Send a Smile!
Thanks for the Info! 
Why I Send Jokes!  (Java)
The Wishing Well!
Your Email!

Love Pages

A Subliminal E-card!  (flash)
A Perfect Rose!  (Java)
Elusive Butterfly!
Eternity!  (Java)
Illusion!  (Java)
I love you More Today
Not a Knight!  (Java)
Perfection!  (Java)
Steamy Night!  (Java)
To My Love!  (Java)
You are the One!  (Java)

FunPages, Main Page!

FunPages, Pranks, and Funny Stuff!

Pretty Stuff

Always Have a Dream!  (Java)
A Perfect Friend!  (java)
A Rose for a Friend!  (Flash)
Butterfly Friends!  (Flash)
Forever on my Mind
Beacon of Light!  (Java)
Blessings!  (Java)
Count Your Friends!  (Java)
Drop a Pebble!  (Java)
Faraway Friends!  (Flash)
Friendship's Road!  (Java)
The Friendship Rose!  (Java)
Glad I Found You!  (Flash)
HeartPrints!  (Java)
The Hidden Place!
I'll Be Right There
I Wrote Your Name
Life is like a River!  (Java)
My Bouquet of Friends!  (Java)
Our Friendship!  (Java)
Rainbows!  (Java)
The Rainbow Bridge!  (Java)
Rainbow's End!  (Java)
Rainy Days!  (Java)
Right Now!  (DHTML,Java)

Special!  (Java)
The Ones who Love You!  (Java)
The Road!  (Java)
Send my Friends an Angel!  (Java)
To Lose a Friend!  (Java)
Why God Gave us Friends!

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