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Our complete collection of Holiday Pages!
From beautiful, to Outrageous!

Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog day!!

Valentine's Day!

Cute Stuff!

Roses are red....  (Flash)
Virtual Cupid!  (Flash)
To My Sweety!  (Flash)
Smile Muscles!  (Flash)

Funny Stuff!

Better than Sex!
A Valentine Poem!  (Flash)
From the Bottom of my Heart!  (Javascript)
Rejected Valentines!
Scratch 'n Win!!  (Java)
Orgasmatron!  (Javascript)
A Redneck Valentine!!
Love Match!
Pretty Stuff!

She Walks in Beauty!  (Java)
To My Love!  (Java)
Perfection!  (Java)
Eternity!  (Java)
Steamy Night!  (Java)

The perfect way to say "Bite Me"!

My Feelings!  (Flash)
A special Poem for you!  (Flash)

It's always Valentine's day on Our Love & Friendship Pages!

St. Patricks Day!

Paddy O-Furniture!
Kiss me I'm Irish!!
I'm Not irish!
Cheesy Irish Jokes!
Irishman in Heaven!
Sound Irish!
You might be a Leprechaun!
The Golfer, and the Leprechaun!
St. Patrick's Day Fun Facts!


Spring Fever! 


Play Bunny Run!   (Flash)
Find the Bunny!   (Flash)
Just Hopped In!   (Flash)
Happy Keester!
He Is Arisen!
The Empty Easter Egg!

Learned from the Easter Bunny!

Cinco de Mayo

Sinko de Mayo!  (Flash)
The Real Cinco de Mayo!  (Flash)

Mother's Day

Me Mudder! (Flash)
M.O.T.H.E.R! (Flash)
Mamma (java)
The Littlest Angel!
The Meanest Mother!

Graduation Cards! Graduation Riddle!!
Congrats, Now Get a JOB!!

Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day 1!
Happy Fathers Day 2!
Daddy's Girl!!

How did you put up with me?!
Those 5 special words!!

4th of July

Happy 4th!  (Java)
Drunk on the 4th!  (Java)
Summer Fun!  (Java)


The Haunted Cemetary!
How to Confuse trick or Treaters!!
History of Halloween!
The monster Mash!!
Better than Sex!!
Cheesy One-Liners!!
The Pumpkin Moon!!
Better than Men!!!
Witch Hunt!!
Slashing Pumpkins!!!


Dancing Turkeys!

Thanksgiving message from a turkey!

Turkey Pickup Lines!

Thanksgiving Is!

A Turkey Speaks!

Sounds Dirty!

Happy Turkey Day! 
Fart your guts out!!
The Gobblenator!!
Thanksgiving Prayer!
You Overdid It!


You'll find all of our Christmas, Hannukka, and Kwanza stuff here.

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