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Joke Pages!

Battle of the Sexes!
Can't we all just Get Along?

Adult Report Card! 
A Letter to Tide!
Can't Explain!
Catch My Eye!
The Confessional!
Get in Line!
Gonna Be a Bear!
The Guy Dictionary!
A Guys' Friendship Pledge!
Last Support Payment!
To Be 6 Again!
What P.M.S. Really Stands For
Where's The Glue?!

Fractured Fables!
Twisted little stories, with surprise a Moral at the end!

A Modern Fairy Tale!
Biker-Bob's Bridge to Hawaii!
First grade proverbs 
Heartwarming Elephant Story
The Donkey in the Well 
The Archeologist
The Little Bird
You Can't Please Everyone!

They say and do the Darndest things!

The Birds and the Bees!
Ya Gotta Love Kids!

They're not quite they're expecting......

The Ass Study! 
Amazing Ghost Illusion!
Amazing Spiral Illusion!
Beautiful Winter Poem!
Belly Dancer! 
Big Red Button!
Blonde Pole Dancer! 
Coolness Test!
Dog Pack takes down Gator! 
I Thought of You!  (Javascript)
The Jumper!
Viagra Beans!! PG-13
Wildcat Attack! 

Just Plain Funny!
'Cuz they don't fit anywhere else!!

Alien Sex!  Rated PG
Driving School! 
Military Intelligence!
No Name Toilet Paper!
The New Gas Guage!
One Day at the White House!
Pennies from heaven!  (Flash)
The Murder Trial!
The Trees!

More Hilarious FunPages and Greetings!!

Funny Lists!

Battle of the Sexes!

5 Secrets for women!
Ten things Men know about Women!
Bachelor's Food Guide!
Lighter Side of Gettin' Old!
Politically correct about Men!
Politically correct about Women!
Why God made Eve!

You might be........
With our apologies to Jeff Foxworthy!!

A Child of the 80s
All Grown Up!
All Stressed Out! 
A Computer Geek
From a Small Town
Gettin' Old!
A High Tech Redneck!
A Redneck!
Smoking Too Much!

They're just so much fun to pick on!!

A Redneck Howdy!
A Redneck Greeting!
Daytona 500!
High Tech Redneck!
Redneck Quickies! 
More Redneck Quickies! 
You Might be a Redneck If...!
You're a NASCAR Fan! 

Just Plain Funny!
'Cuz they don't fit anywhere else!!

10 things it took 40 Years to learn!
A Cheap Computer! 
Bad Summer Camp! 
Cynic's Guide to Life!
Don't want to Hear during Surgery!
Go to Work naked!
Bad Greeting Cards!
The Fart List! 
Fun in the Elevator! 
Good, Bad< Worse!! 
Learned from TV!
Signs it's Really Hot!
Little Golden Books!
Monumentally Stupid!
New Words!
More New Words!
The Poopie List!
Random Profundities!
Signs of Confusion!
Smiley Moon!
Unanswered Questions!
Very Short Books!
Why the Chicken Crossed the Road!
Way Back When!
Why it was Cooler in the 80s!

More FunPages and Greetings!!

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