Kid Stuff!

Are the kids driving ya nuts?!
We're here to help! We've got a great selection of Kid Safe Games, and activities to make those rainy day blues disappear! Plop the kids in front of the new Electronic Baby Sitter, and never again hear those words
"MOM, I'm Bored!"

Where do ya Wanna Go?

Cool Games!

Air Hockey!
Great Flash version of the world's noisiest arcade game! Yes, it's Noisy, But it's fun too!

In this neat Racing Game your Race Car is a ball hooked to your mouse by a Rubber Band! How fast can you go?

Poor Binker the dog is having a Dawg-Gone Bad Day! The junkyard Cats have Binker cornered and they are throwing "Cat Stuff" at him! Help Binker dodge the cans of tuna, and other cat stuff, and maybe his day will get a little better!

The Sheep Game!
Here's a cool game where you are a shephard, and you have to round up all your sheep. Can you get all your sheep in the pen?

Shoots, and Ladders!
The board game favorite of kids all over the world!

Pooh Puzzle!
Pooh's picture got all scrambled up! Can you put it back together again?

Popping Gallery!
Step right up! Step right up! See how good a shot you are at the carnival shooting gallery!

Other Cool Stuff!

Wacky Faces!!
Mix, and match your way to some of the funniest faces you ever saw!

Color Me!!
Color a picture on your computer! Best of all you never lose the Crayons!

Dancing Ant!!
This little guy is FUN! Choose the music, and the dancing style, and watch him Boogie! He even has backup dancers!

COOL! You can play "LEGO'S Online! Best of all you don't have to pick them all up when you are finished!

Mister Potato!
Yep, you can play with Mr. Potato Head too!

Magic Drawing Board!
Just Click your mouse, and Drag it to make Awesome Pictures!

Online Pet!
Our Brand New Online Tomagotchi, or Giga Pet! You can feed him, and play with him, even pet him. But you have to take care of him or....

Online Spirograph!
If you don't know what a Spirograph is, ask mom or dad. Draw amazing Designs!

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