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It's Fun to make fun of politicians, and Politics! I mean C'mon they're such easy targets!!
From the Greek Poli (many)
and Ticks (Blood sucking creatures)!


Dear Abbey 
Democrats and Lightbulbs 
Republicans and Lightbulbs 
Rejected State Mottos 
The End of the World!
Better ways to Pick a President!! 
Letter from a Kerry Supporter!   
Gas Prices!
Government in Action!! 
How to Stop Hijackings!
Why are we Still There?! 
One Day at the White House!
How to be a Good Democrat! 

You may be a Republican if...! 
Republicans VS Democrats 
Rejected Bush Bumper Stickers!  (Flash)
Rejected Kerry Bumper Stickers!  (Flash)
A Bad American! 
Government Explained with Cows!! 
Who Really Pushed for War???! 


Fun with '08 Campaign Pics! 
More Fun with '08 Campaign Pics! 
'08 Campaign Pics 3! 
'08 Campaign Pics 4! 
'08 Campaign Pics 5! 

Leftovers from '04

Fun with Bush Press Pics! 
Fun with Kerry Press Pics! 

Fun Interactive stuff!

Rejected Obama Bumper Stickers!
World's Scariest Halloween card!
Political Dunk-Tank!
Bush Aerobics!  (Flash)
Kerry-Robics!  (Flash)
Dancing Bush!  (Flash)
Dancing Hillary!  (Flash)
United We Dance!  (Flash)

Warp A Politician!!
Yeah we know most Politicians are warped already, but it's still Fun!

Warp John McCain!  (Java)
Warp Barack Obama!  (Java)
Warp Joe Biden!  (Java)
Warp Sarah Palin!  (Java)

Leftovers from 2004.

Warp George W Bush!  (Java)
Warp John Kerry!  (Java)
Warp Ralph Nader!  (Java)

Political Games

Presidential Punchout 08!  Flash
Bush Shootout!  Flash
Kerry-Bush Debate Bash!  Flash
Mad Bomber!
Political Punchout!  Flash
Political Punchout 08!  Flash
Presidential Knockout!  Flash
Presidential Paintball!  Flash
re-create 68!  Flash
White House Joust!  Shockwave

Saddam's Escaper Caper!!  Flash Rated PG-13
Whack a Terrorist!  Flash

More Fun Stuff to do!!

Play Black Nova Traders!!

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