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Blow their Minds!
Our exclusive Fun D Mental Online Pranks are made to freak out your friends!
Make their eyes pop out with our Fake Viruses, or you can even Atomize their browsers!
You've never seen stuff like these anywhere else!
Of course it's all perfectly safe, But they don't know that! ;-)
Check out the hilarious online degrees of great pranks! They degree from awesome to even more awesome! Great pranks to get your friends and family on the edge of their seats!
All from the twisted little minds of Fun D Mental!

Fake Viruses!

They look scary, but they're really Harmless!

The Al-Qaida Virus!  (Javascript)
The Big Brother Virus!  (Javascript)
Disk Defenders!   (Flash)
The Fart Virus!  (Javascript)
The Really Bad Virus!  (Javascript)
The Whoopie Virus!  (Javascript,Flash)
Virus Alert!! 

The Al Qaida virus, and Mouse Error have both been
awarded a top rating at Computer Pranks.com!

Top Rated at ComputerPranks.com

Eye Poppers!!

If you Really want to Blow their Minds!

Coordination Test!  (Flash)
Scratch & Win!!  (Java, Flash)
Fuzzy Bunnies!!  (Flash)
The Disappearing Bikini!  (Flash)
Atomize your Browser!!  (Javascript)
Attack of the Killer PopUps!
Mouse Error!  (Javascript)
Shut Down the internet!!  (Javascript)
The Last Email!!  (Javascript)
Too Much Porn!  (Javascript)
Windows Error!  (Javascript)

Drive 'em Nutz!!

Because, Sometimes you just wanna
annoy the heck out of someone!

99 Bottles of Beer!  (Javascript)
Bug Somebody!  (Javascript)
How to keep an Idiot Busy!  (Flash)
MySpace in Hell!  (Javascript)
Online Insanity Test!  (flash)
The Loser Test!   (Flash)
Nude Celebrities!  (Javascript)
Online stress Test!  (Flash)
The World's Most Annoying Greeting!! 

Not enough pranks for you? Visit our friend "Little Joey" at Computer Pranks.com!

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Email Pranks!

Our collection of Prank Emails sure to freak out your friends!

Free Beer!!! 
Pictures of you Naked!! 
Porn Freak! 
You Won A New Porsche!!


Gotcha's are little zingers you can send to your friends if they have a sense of humor,
or your enemies if they don't!

3 Little Words! 
Alien Sex!  Rated PG

Amazing Brain Trick! 
Amazing Spiral Illusion!
Baby Pictures!
Blonde Pole Dancer!!
Coolness Test!
Depressed Browser!
Error 404!
The Fart Poem!
The Friendship Survey!! 
The Geezer Test!!
How to keep an idiot busy forever! 
I'm Not Saying...
I Thought of You!  (flash)
Kiss My Virtual A$$!
Love Match!  (Java)
Online Stress Relief!
School Pictures!
Scratch n Sniff!!  (Java)
Smiley Moon!
Strip a Hunk!
Topless Babe!
Unlimited $$$$$!
Village Idiot!

Start a Fight!!

Drive-By Mooning!!
Virtual Food Fight!
Virtual Pillow Fight!
Virtual Snowball Fight!

Not enough pranks for you? Visit our friend "Little Joey" at Computer Pranks.com!

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